Carer and family support during the detection stage should include the following:

  • Access to appropriate information and advice including carer support information and related services
  • Acknowledgement and recognition of the partner, family and/or carer perspective for informing appropriate referral [1]
  • Access to information and advice on Advance Care Planning

To raise awareness and promote the benefits of early diagnosis, GP's and practice nurses should:

  • Provide a copy of the Memory Support Guide for the Central Highlands, Grampians Pyrenees and Wimmera regions.
  • Highlight services including Dementia Australia, specialist diagnostics, carer support and home and community care within their area.
  • Undertake an informant interview where dementia is suspected to inform assessment and appropriate referral.
  • Assess carer needs.
  • Provide information on Advance Care Planning 

KPMG Dementia services pathways - an essential guide to effective service planning 2011 pg. 13