Dementia education for GPs and PNs

It is recommended that all staff who work with people with dementia receive dementia-care training relevant to their role. Training to help optimise the care for people with dementia. [1]

Training should cover:

  • Communicating effectively with the person with dementia, their carer(s) and family;
  • Recognising, preventing and managing behavioural and psychological symptoms;
  • Principles of person-centred care and how this is applied in practice; and
  • Preventing and managing suspected abuse or neglect.

See Dementia Australia for clinical tools and training resources.

The following training resources relevant to the care of people with dementia are available online:

Free on-line education

Dementia Practice Guidelines

Health Pathways

Dementia health professional educational resources

Younger onset-dementia

Dementia and chronic conditions

Cultural Diversity

Behaviour changes


Assessment tools

Dementia risk reduction

  • Your Brain Matters - Dementia Risk Reduction – information for general practitioners, practice nurses and health professionals
  • Healthy brain, healthy life. An online booklet from Dementia Australia

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Dementia in Australia: Recommendations 2016